Auto Ship Reeds

Our Preferred Customer Program auto ships your reeds each month with free shipping.

Most of our customers order the same number of reeds each month. However, sometimes they forget to order! This usually means paying for Overnight shipping charges or in severe cases doing without. We’ve developed a system to help our best customers with this problem as well as making ordering reeds as convenient as possible. Members of our Preferred Customer Program will automatically receive a predetermined number of reeds each month. We can send you a report showing your reed purchase history or you can just tell us how many you would like. The program does require a two reed minimum.

  • Benefits
    • As always you’ll get reeds custom made just for you
    • Our commitment to the program includes Priority order fulfillment
    • You no longer have to remember to order reeds
    • You won’t be left in a pinch because you forgot to order reeds
    • You’ll always have a good reed
    • You won’t have to play a reed beyond it’s prime because you never got around to ordering new ones
    • You can budget for your reeds because you know it will be the same every month
    • Your reeds will arrive the same time every month
    • PLUS FREE SHIPPING!!! – we’ll pay for parcel post shipping, our normal shipping method, for Preferred Customer Program Orders

  • If you would like to sign up just send us an email with the following information:
    • How many reeds you would like each month?
    • Would you like the first shipment?
    • When during the month would you like to receive subsequent shipments?
    • If you’ve never ordered before please include
    • Are you a Professional, Student, etc?
    • How long have you been playing?
    • What kind of oboe do you play?
    • What style of reed and sound you prefer, Mack, Killmer, French, etc?
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