Stellar Star Oboe Reed


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If you want the Ultimate Professional Oboe Reed, the Stellar Star Oboe Reed is it.

Each piece of cane is hand selected, hand gouged, shaped with an original Brannen x-narrow shaper, wrapped on the finest staples, and scraped to perfection. Each operation is personally performed to the strictest tolerances by Amy Collins. The outcome is a reed with great response and a beautiful dark centered sound.

This Stellar Star is the finest commercially available oboe reed.

  • Hand Made
  • Responsive
  • Scraped to Order
  • Excellent dynamic range
  • Tuned to A440
  • Windows
  • Guarantee
  • Balanced
  • Multi-Stage Drying Process
  • Measured
  • Meticulous Professional Scrape
  • Cane selection and preparation by Amy Collins
  • Made to the highest professional standards


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